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This festival is one of the world’s first mixed comedy and economics festivals. It amalgamates both senses of humour from the sharpest stand-up comedians with the worlds leading financial analysts and economists. It really is a festival like no other!


            The way this festival came about was after the 2008 crash. The main aspect of the festival is to try and make economic knowledge simple and available to all through a festival instead of a boring conference room.


            As informal as Kilenomics sounds this event is quite informative and can help a lot of people with understanding how to equip and use basic economics in your day to day life. There will be multiple shows to attend over the weekend. The choice is yours. An exact programme and list of guests and specific talks will be posted closer to the time.


            It isn’t all about economics, it is also about life. Many journalists thoroughly enjoyed the events in the past years with the Irish Times stating  “A little jewel where players manage to talk human without being patronising.”  It had many amazing reviews so it is definitely worth the trip.


            Some of the previous lineups consisted of people such as Simon Kuper, Samantha Power, Roula Khalaf, Stephen Kinsella, Tobias Straumann and many more. There are also many venues for all these talks including the Set Theatre, Cleere’s Bar, and the Hole in The Wall.


            So why not grab a notebook and a pen and join us in The Kilkenny Inn for this very unique event that is held nowhere else in the world! Take a break in our rooms to take in all the information you learned!  And just in time to start the new year right, with all your new economic knowledge to apply to life!