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Kilkenny Festivals & Events

Kilkenny hosts a number of renowned festivals and events each year.

These include the celebrated Kilkenny Arts Festival which features a variety of
classical music events, art exhibitions, literary readings, workshops, jazz & folk sessions.

Other festivals include Smithwick’s Kilkenny Roots Festival - Music Festival, Kilkenny Cat Laughs - Comedy Festival, International Gospel Choir FestivalGreystock FestivalSavour Kilkenny Food Festival and Kilkenomics Festival - a combination of economics and comedy!

Kilkenny is also known as a design and craft center, which has its origins in the Design workshops of the late 1960s’,
which can be explored in the Castle Yard site.

One of the best things about Kilkenny is its size. Because it is a compact city you can explore it all on foot or by bike!


For more information on upcoming events and festivals in Kilkenny during your stay please contact reception.